Okay, so I am a writer, a journalist and a struggling poet (struggling with words, that is). But is there really one way to describe a person? Should there be?
I am different things to different people. Some days I talk too much and most days I shut the world out. Am I dazzling, creative, sexy, and all those wonderful things that we all like to be known as? Well, the only answer to that is I am as exceptional as you are. And as tormented and flawed and unsure as all of us tend to be, on some days, when the cloud eats up the sun inside us.

But if there’s one word that I try to be on good days and bad, it is nonjudgemental. There never will be a day that I shall refuse to see your point of view or condemn it, because it is drastically different from my own. As long as you are willing to share it, I shall respect it.

And I can bet on that claim and win it hands down any day, every day.

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