Sure, you are only meant to fully remember some dreams, not all. But what about the many dreams that you walk into every night? The way you squeeze yourself under the eyelids of those who know all your truths, of those who fear some of your secrets, of those who have never looked into your eyes. It is magical how you get to hopscotch your way through the shadows of so many fears and fantasies, scratching at heartbeats, scoring karma that will always go unpunished and unrewarded in daylight. And it is mysterious why you will never get to know the men and women that you become in other people’s dreams…and even more mysterious why you will be part of some dreams and not others. Between night and morning, in the absence of light and consciousness, there are these stories you shall start but won’t ever get to finish.

Now, what made you think you only get to live one damned life? Tonight, the unknown is where you are probably going to do everything that you always wanted to.


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