Make it a nude painting and there will be enough people who will find it beautiful… and just as many who will find it ugly.

It was bare when it came into the world,
and it will be clothed by shame till the day I die.

When the rain drenches it, it wants to dance.
When a cold breeze kisses it, it wants to hide.

When it makes love with another, it can find its way into heaven
or just as easily into an MMS scandal.

When it loses a limb in an accident, it learns to live without it.
When it loses its dignity in a dark alley, it forgets how to live.

In a doctor’s hand, it’s only a mass of haemoglobin, bones and tissue.
On life support, it’s only a beep.

In the end, your body and my body are not so different, are they?
But till the last breath we take, my body and yours will keep our differences alive.

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